For Sale: $12,000,000/4,765 acres

Colorado City, TX - Mitchell County

Thompson River Ranch

Meandering for over nine miles through the Thompson River Ranch, The Colorado River creates its own unique ecosystem of river bottom land, picturesque cliffs, strong grassland, and numerous species of plants and wildlife, as well as natural beauty. This ranch has abundant wildlife, improved blue stem pasture, and a stately colonial style home. From the front porch you can watch livestock graze, wildlife scamper, water fowl migrate, or enjoy a beautiful sunrise. There are two small cabins adjacent to the main house. You will find no comparison in this area of Texas to find water, wildlife, grass, and relaxation. This property conveys approximately 1/8 minerals along with 100% of windrights. Come take a look at this ranch if you need beauty, wide open spaces and a place to call home.

For sale: $7,776,550/3617 acres

Colorado City, TX - Mitchell County

El Rancho Cuchara

Located 17 miles south on highway 208 from Colorado City, Texas, is a unique property. Surrounded by a high fence, the game within are exceptional. A carefully managed whitetail deer population with incorporated trophy genetics purchased as well as bred on the property, make this a rare opportunity to purchase a turn-key operation.

For sale: $2,600,000/3,000 arces

Colorado City, TX - Mitchell County

Silver Creek Ranch

15 miles south east of Colorado City at end of east county road 337. This ranch has an abundance of game, grass, cover and views. Silver Creek meanders from the north east side of the ranch and exits to the south. One double wide camp house and a single wide camp house make for plenty of room for relaxing and enjoying the countryside. With a high ridge on the middle western side, the views are grand and the wind potential is grand as well. Over 50 quail feeders and numerous deer blinds and feeders make for easy hunting and game viewing. Take a look at this ranch if you like the country side filled with lots of game, or the chance to run a few head of stock. Lots of grass cover and tree canopy cover. Selling surface only and sellers are reserving 50% of any future wind power income.

For sale: $864,000/1,280 arces

Westbrook, TX - Mitchell County

Biegel Ranch

Located 1 mile south of Interstate 20 and bordering the east side of Conaway Road or Mitchell County Road 270 is a great hunting and cattle ranch. Good fencing and great cover for wildlife. Several earthen ponds and bottomland make this a great place to raise a calf or hunt deer, quail, turkey or dove. Take a look at a reasonably priced place in the country.

For sale: $1,200,000/400 arces

Moran, TX - Callahan County

Airport Ranch

Just a few miles south of Moran on fm 880 is a great combination property. A very nice custom home, barn/hangar and paved runway that will accommodate most planes flown by private pilots. Numerous surface ponds stocked with bass and catfish, great hunting of deer, turkey and quail. The property is quickly accessed from I-20 in less than 15 minutes to the north. Take a look at this sleeper of a property if you want small town amenities, a quiet life in the country, and easy and quick access to the big city. Its ready to move into. Call for an apointment.

For sale: $985,500/900 arces

Gail, TX - Borden County

Antelope Draw

Located north of State Highway 180 midway between Snyder and Gail Texas is a great combination hunting and cattle ranch. Antelope, mule deer, white tail deer, quail, dove and many small game traverse this great property. Good grass cover with nice surface ponds and livestock pens make for a move in ready place to enjoy and generate a little income. Take a look at this property, its a great opportunity.

For sale: $843,150/770 arces

Gail, TX - Borden County

Antelope Hills

Located north of highway 180 east of Gail and west of Snyder is a great hunting and livestock ranch. Large surface ponds and plenty of grass and cover for cattle and wildlife. Take a look at this one if you like wide open spaces with a great landscape.

For sale: $480,000/320 acres

Loraine, TX - Nolan County

Oak Spring Ranch

Oak Springs Ranch is located 3 miles south and .5 miles west of the small community of Champion, Texas. This property offers everything a person could want. 2 irrigation wells producing over 100 GPM each, grassland, which can easily be cultivated, large mature oak trees, 3 surface ponds, one stocked with catfish and bass, great views and a draw traversing the entire property from south to north. A spring below the oak trees helps fill the 3 ponds on the same tributary. Electricity and a house well complete the package. This property boasts great hunting as well as country living at its best. There is also a caliche pit located on the property. Take a look at this property if you have an interest in a great opportunity. The corrals were built using the old gates and panels from the old Stockyard Pens at the railhead in Colorado City. A new 5 wire barbed wire fence has been constructed on the entire property boundary. This property can be divided into 2 equal 160-acre tracts to be sold.

For sale: $67,500/45 acres

Colorado City, TX - Mitchell County

Lake Colorado City Property

At the corner of registers road and lcr 317 is a great place in the country. Located across the road from Lake Colorado City. Great views and great place. All utilities and some portable buildings on the property. Take a look if you want to get started with lake living. House lot is on the corner and additional 40 acres is off lake county road 311 just north of 4.6-acre plot.

For sale: $92,000/80 acres

Colorado City, TX - Mitchell County

CRP Farm

A nice CRP farm northeast of Colorado City, Texas. 3 more years of payment. The property lies south of Mitchell County Road 165 and east of County road 163. Nice place in the country. Located 1 mile west of Highway 208 north.

For sale: $184,000/160 acres

Colorado City, TX - Mitchell County

CRP Farm

A nice CRP farm with payments left. Located at the end of Mitchell County Road 165, 1.5 miles west of north highway 208. 1 water well. Take a look at this property for a nice country place to live or just enjoy.

For sale: $225,400/196 acres

Colorado City, TX - Mitchell County

CRP Farm

1 mile west of Loraine, Texas on Mitchell county road 404 on the south side of the county road lies 196 acres of CRP land. The property starts 1 mile west from the curve on FM 644 south from Loraine, Texas Great for hunting and potential grazing or farming after the CRP contract expires in 3 years. There is a farmhouse and 4 acres located on the northeast corner of the property that is not part of the sale.

For sale: $368,000/320 acres

Ira, TX - Borden County

Coyote Hills Ranch

Located just south of the southwest side of lake J B Thomas is a unique property. When the lake is full, water is backed up almost to the north side of this property. Great hunting and ranch country. Take a look if you want to be close to lake recreation and still be able to see the sunset without the traffic.

For sale: $768,000/640 acres

Westbrook, TX - Mitchell County

Quail Ranch

Located at the intersection of Mitchell county road 270 and 371 on the northeast corner is 640 acres of pasture and CRP land. 3 payments left on the contract. A nice mix of grass cover and brush for a great quail hunting ranch. Deer, hogs, dove and turkey are also in the area. one old windmill on the west side as well as a caliche pit. Take a look for a great hunting ranch. Some oilfield production.